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Valves are inessential in directing and regulating flows by opening and closing obstructed passageways. Most of the common valves are gate valves, needle valves, butterfly valves, check valves, and globe valves. Each has their specific specialty from regulating flow in a pipeline to prevent back flow.


Gate ValveGate Valve

Butterfly ValveButterfly Valve

Angle ValveAngle Valve


Below we've listed what styles we carry and the brands that manufacture them.


Materials   Specialties
Alloy   Backflow Preventors   American   Homestead/Olsen
Bronze   Engineered Hangers   Anvil International   Hydroseal
Forged Steel   Flex Connectors     Kunkle
Plastic   Hangers,Support & Strut   Aquatrol   Limitorque
Stainless   Pressure Gauges   Armstrong   Marwin
    Pressure Regulators   Asco   Milliken
Type   Regulators   A.Y. McDonald   Newco
Angle   Reducing Valves   Bonney Forge   Nibco
Balancing   Safety Relief   Cash-Acme   PBM
Ball   Steam Traps   Check All Valve   Resun
Blowdown   Strainers   Conbraco   SF
Butterfly   Suction Diffusers   Consolidated   Trerice
Check   Temperature Regulators   Crane   Titan
Cryogenics   Thermometers   Dresser   Tour & Anderson
Diaphragm   Vacuum Breakers   Dezurik   TV
Gate   Valve Actuation   Edward   Tyco
Globe       Ernst   Velan
Knife       Flowseal   Victaulic
Plug       Grinnell   Watson McDaniel
        Hancock   WKM